Hamburgers in Barcelona …

Not typical Spanish, but tasty: HAMBURGERS! Just a slice of cheese of all in, it is al possible! Meat or chicken, the choice is al yours. Find the locals and the atmosphere at these hamburger places in Barcelona, worth a visit.

Big J´s Burger
Decorated with a style from the 50´s. Great American hamburgers of your choice, with fries and a milkshake. There are two locations.
Address: Carrer del Carme 74
Metro : PLaça Catalunya
Address: Carrer d´Aribau 18
Metro: Universitat

Cerverecia Jazz
The hamburgers of Cerveceria Jazz have been declared the best by the cultural magazine Barcelonés(because the special jazzsauce?). Be early, there is not a lot of room.
Address: Carrer de Margarit 43
Metro: Poble Sec

Pim Pam Burger
A lot of locals come here to eat, according to them, the best burgers of the city.
Address: Carrer de Rec 18
Metro: Jaume1

Betty Ford´s Bar
Totally American with the best sauces. It is not only very good, but also very hip. After dinner you can hang out and chill with hip audience. A menu costs around 10 euro.
Address: Carrer de Joaquín Costa 56
Metro: Universitat

Home made fries and nice burgers. Good bread, nice sauces, original combinations and good meat. A perfect combination in this cozy place Bacoa.
Address: Carrer de Colomines 2
Metro: Jaume

Hard Rock Café
A real American burger. Great atmosphere in this famous café/museum.
Address: Plaça Catalunya 21
Metro: Urquinaona