Arabic Spa in Barcelona

Disconnect yourself from the modern world. These baths of antiquity are the perfect recovery for your body, soul and spirit ..

Aire de Barcelona, spa in Barcelona in the Borne neighborhood invites you to take some time for yourself and your mind, body and soul to relax. With swimming pools, steam rooms, therapeutic showers and a private reflexologist, they have all facilities and services to you all to calm down and an oasis of serenity for you to create, away from the busy streets of Barcelona.
Aire de Barcelona brings you one step closer to nirvana and provides a quiet room where you lose your stress, your skin can rejuvenate itself, and where you can see yourself in your own thoughts.

The bath consists of several rooms, which are made from the old ramparts of the city, and has 6 different Arab baths and 4 swimming pools with temperatures ranging from 16 degrees to 40 degrees. It is a treat for the senses, and the smell of flowers and exotic spices fills the air while diving in turquoise salt bath for an invigorating aromatherapy session that you will never forget.
For more than eight centuries, the Arabs had control over the Iberian Peninsula, and have the tradition of the Hamman taken with them, based on the Roman bathhouses. This antique baths are now completely renovated and again in Barcelona provides the perfect place for your total disconnect from the modern world.

Every Thursday during the months of July and August, the baths also have a session from 24:00 – 2:00.
Open daily (except 25 December and 1 January)

Paseo Picasso n ยบ 22
(Borne Quarter)
08003 Barcelona

How to get there
Metro: Arc de Triomphe
Metro: Jaume I
Buses: 39, 414, 42 stop: Arc de Triomphe

Strict dress code: Due to the guests of the opposite sex guests will be asked their swimsuits at all times to have. Swimwear can be rented at the baths themselves. Slippers, towels, locker use is included in the price