Flamenco show Barcelona, HOLE!

Have a Spanish experience with a flamenco show. Enjoy, watch, drink and dance.

Palacia del Flamenco
Barcelona´s most elegant stage for flamenco shows in a historic building. Have a dinner option, to eat before the show. In the heart of the city is this great Palacia del Flamenco.
Show + Drink: 32 €
Mini Show + Drink: 23 €
Mini Show + Dinner: 28 €
Show + Special Dinner: 45 €
Show + Palacios Dinner: 75 €
Address: Calle Balmes 139
Shows: 3(19.15, 20.30, 22.40)
Duration: 40 minutes(20.30), 1 hour(19.15, 22.40)


El patio Andaluz
Not just a show, you can have a drink at the bar or eat at the restaurant with Andalusian and Spanish specialties before or after. Choose extra for dinner, tapas of a drink. The choice is yours!
Show: 25 €
Show + Drink: 35 €
Show + Tapas: 43 €
Show + Dinner: 59 €
Address: Calle Aribau 242
Shows: 2 (20.00, 22.00)
Duration : 1 hour and 15 minutes

Los Tarantos
Los Tarantos was founded in 1963, which makes it one of Barcelona´s oldest stages. Three shows a night for a great price. Live music and dancers from the new generation flying over the stage. Both locals and international audience will be present.
Show : €8,-
Address: Placa Reial 17
Shows: 3(20.30, 21.30, 22.30)
Duration: Approx. 30 minutes

Opera & Flamenco show
This show combines a melody of lyrical singing, the Gitano dance and the magic of Spanish music. A flamenco show, and much more. It is a feast of dans and music.
Prices are from €30 till €45
Address: La Rambla 115

Castell Medieval
45 minutes outside Barcelona lies the Castell Medieva ´Comte de Valltordera´ in the town of Tordera. The castle is the stage for an amazing night. There is a dinner included, as well as a horse show, a battle between middle aged knights and the flamenco show.
Show + Drink: 35,40 €
Show + Dinner: 48,80 €
Address: C/ Vallmanya
Shows: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday(21.00)
Duration: 3 hours (Flamenco show : 45 minutes)